Walking Dead Actors Love Their Deaths

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Actors who have been on The Walking Dead take as much pride as their character’s death as they do their lives. For Abraham Ford-actor Michael Cudlitz, this is certainly no different.

In Issue 197, Robert Kirkman decided to have Abraham die by an arrow which was later used for Denise on the AMC version of the series. This way, Abraham got to live a little longer on the televised version.

In a recent Walker Stalker Con, Cudlitz said his death on the show was “a way better death than in the comic.”

Cudlitz “Cool With” His Character’s Death

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I’m cool with it,” Cudlitz said, about the death. “I knew when I came on the show that they were making a very strong effort to go back to the narrative of the comic. So, that’s why when Abraham and Rosita and Eugene come on screen and it’s pretty much the duplication of the cover of the comic when they arrive, that’s sort of a signal to the comic book.”

“We still have to deal with all the things that were done prior with characters that had been taken out that hadn’t been taken out in the comics so there’s only a certain amount we can stick to it.”

Cudlitz then realized he likely had about two years left on the show.

More Time Than He Expected

Abraham on The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I knew I had probably about two years on the show before we came to where Abraham’s death was in the graphic novels,” Cudlitz continued. In reality, the actor ended up getting almost three more seasons.

“I wound up getting almost a full three. Half of Season 4, all of 5, all of 6, and bookended with 7. I was good with it. I like the way they took him out. I like how it launches the next bits of story and how his death affected everyone there and the impact that it had. I think it’s a way better death than in the comic.”

What do you think about Abraham versus Denise’s death?

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