Actors Now Discuss Their Iconic TWD Deaths

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Both Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz have been in the press lately discussing their iconic deaths as Glenn and Abraham on The Walking Dead. Many fans left the show due to how brutal the kills were, but the actors have different thoughts.

Cudlitz told fans and reporters that Abraham’s death was “no big deal,” especially when compared to Glenn’s death. Part of the reason why, of course, is that he expects crazy deaths on the show.

He also revealed that Glenn’s death was worse than Abraham’s death.

Cudlitz Talks “Being A Fan Of The Show”

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Cudlitz told the Los Angeles Times:

“Being a fan of the show, I wanted to make sure that my death didn’t take away from Steven’s death. I was very concerned about that as a fan. I’m kind of happy that a majority of the focus leaned on Glenn’s death. Abraham had become part of the fabric of the show, but I felt that Steven [as] Glenn made the show.”

“I watched him grow up as an actor… Steven and Melissa McBride … I felt they had the greatest arc that I enjoyed following most. They were sort of the heart and soul — so far as the direction, the moral compass, always pulling everybody back, especially after Hershel had passed.”

Abraham “Assessed The Situation”

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Cudlitz also said that Abraham’s tough-guy response to the death was part of his role as the only true soldier on the show. “He had assessed this whole situation. He knew that someone in this group had to go and he, being the ultimate solider, was willing to take it for the next guy.”

The actor knew Robert Kirkman’s story arc and how important the deaths were for both Season 7 and later, Season 8 of the show. These things had to happen in order for Negan and Rick’s All Out War to take place.

Are you prepared for Season 8 of The Walking Dead?

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