Mexico Vs. America, Where Should They Film Fear the Walking Dead?


Where Should They Film Fear the Walking DeadMexico Vs. America?

I read a lot of comments and forums about Fear the Walking Dead. An issue that I would like to get addressed with your opinion is about the location setting of Fear the Walking Dead. As of recent episodes the show has transitioned from being based in the United States to now taking place just outside of Rosarito Mexico. The choice of the location for filming has come in with mixed reviews from the viewers.

Personally, I think it’s cool, I travel a lot though and I may be biased. So that’s all I will say about my opinion. What do you think? Do you think the show has taken a turn for the better or worst since it’s re-location, south of the border?

There may be more reasons than meets the eyes.

These are just my own speculations, that could have nothing to do with why it’s actually being filmed in Rosarita. What if the reason the show is being filmed in Mexico is due the declining number of viewers who are watching the series? There’s no denying, that save the cast of Fear the Walking Dead, Mexico has got be incredibly cheap to film in. That is, as long as they are hiring Mexican laborers. It is one possibility, but it could end up biting the creators in the ass if the fans aren’t happy with the move.

Some complaints I continue to hear are the location sets look even more run down then normal. Which I wouldn’t think would matter in a post-apocalyptic scenario, but apparently people don’t like it. Another big one, that actually makes sense to me, is the complaints about subtitles.

Where Should They Film Fear the Walking DeadPeople really get irritated when they’re trying to relax on a Sunday evening and they have to read subtitles.

Some viewers get downright hostile and aggressive; I think it’s awesome to be that passionate about the shows you watch. One thing I don’t get though, is the people who are continually complaining about the show and recommending it get canceled, are still watching it every week.

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t like something, I don’t watch it. Maybe it’s just their way of coping until The Walking Dead Season 7 Airs on October 23rd on AMC. Some of the valid points I hear are about the dynamics of the show changing. Season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead put a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. So much so that many are unwilling to give it a second chance. Season 2 has proven thought, despite the ratings to hold more substantial stories and character development. However, it may be a day late and a dollar short for Fear the Walking Dead. Do you think it is salvageable? Would bringing the show back the United States really change things all that much? Leave your opinions below in the comment section, then ‘LIKE,’ ‘SHARE,’ and stay posted for more on the future of Fear the Walking Dead.


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