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Melissa Rauch Wants To Be A “Human DVR”

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-05

In this throwback clip we found, Melissa Rauch answers the age old question “what superhero power would you pick?”

Most people say flying or invisibility. Melissa had a totally different answer.

Melissa Rauch Wants To Be A Human DVR

In an interview with Andrew Freund Melissa Rauch admitted she’d like to be a “human DVR” if given the option of a new super power.

Andrew was interviewing Melissa at comic-con, so of course, he had to ask her what superpower she would pick. In The Big Bang Theory Bernadette isn’t as into the superhero scene as her husband Howard. However, Melissa Rauch had this to say, “My superpower it would be… to be able to pause people. Like I would want to be a human DVR. That way if someone was saying something I was like, ‘you know I’m gonna put that on pause, maybe save that for later.’  Or if I didn’t like something I could fast forward it, or if I was really loving it I could rewind it. It’s basically a time-travel DVR situation.”

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We love the idea. It could definitely come in handy in so many situations. We could fast forward through Doctor’s office waits. We could rewind destination vacations. We could save laundry for later. It really would be great. Although, we’re pretty sure Sheldon would point out that time traveling would most likely warp reality and cause some sort of Butterfly Effect-like problems.

Melissa Meets Big Bang Theory Fans

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Melissa also talked about meeting TBBT fans at comic-con. The Big Bang cast often appears at panels, festivals, and conventions to meet fans, answer questions, and sign autographs.

Melissa said she loves the fans and believes TBBT has some of the best fans in the business. She said, “The fan signing was so cool…This show, they always say that we have such a great audience and our fans are amazing, and I do know that but to actually see them in front of you- it’s just so amazing.”

Would you want to meet Melissa Rauch at comic-con?


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