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The third episode of the current season of The Big Bang Theory took another step deeper into the issue of Bernadette’s pregnancy. The pregnancy was originally revealed in season 9. With such issues being tackled so early in season 10, (“The Dependence Transcendence”), some are wondering: Is Melissa Rauch really pregnant? The pregnancy of a character onscreen is sometimes written into a show in order to accommodate the actress’ pregnancy.

In this episode, Bernadette is apparently unable to get herself to feel excited over her unborn child, who will soon be on the way. Raj– who seems to be eager as well for the baby of Bernadette and her husband Howard – tries his best to draw the excitement out of her by suggesting things like choosing a color palette for the nursery they’re preparing at home. Bernadette, however, is not the most responsive to these encouragements. Instead, she seems discouraged by the possibility of missing on some major work because of being pregnant.



“Sometimes you think you’re never going to have kids,” Bernadette says, “and one day you wake up and you’re pregnant, and it doesn’t matter that your career’s going great right now.”

In the end, Raj’s father gives Bernadette some advice that helps to ease her concerns.

In an interview with Us Magazine earlier this year, Rauch briefly discussed some aspects of the onscreen pregnancy. Such as Howard being a father, and which traits he or she might inherit from the parents.

But to answer the question of is Melissa Rauch pregnant? Rauch has turned those rumors down. She even called her parents to tell them, “You’re TV grandparents. That’s all!” Okay, that’s adorable.

Baby Bump

She has also clarified with Vine Report that any baby bump you might see on the show is nothing more than the prosthetic she wears to give Bernadette the appearance of expecting. “You’ll see my belly enter first,” she joked, about any scene where Bernadette enters the apartment.


Melissa Rauch is just so darn cute! What is your opinion of her in the show? Tell us in the comments below.

As for people wondering if Melissa was actually pregnant, I don’t think anyone meant any harm by it. It is common for television writers to write in pregnancies when an actress becomes pregnant. Fans were most likely just curious.

However, if some fans are unable to let it go and continue to assert that she is pregnant, they are adding fuel to a fire that doesn’t need to exist. These people need to get a life.

But that’s it for the negativity. Let’s all look forward to the Wolowitz baby. What do you think the baby’s gender will be? Have any of you thought of any names? Let’s all get our nerd on and discuss these things in the comments below.

Here’s another good one for thought. How do you think Sheldon will interact with the baby? I think that is something we all want to see.

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