Mayim Bialik’s Voice Is BACK- And DEFINITELY Better Than Ever


It was the news The Big Bang Theory fans have been dying to hear- Mayim Bialik’s voice is BACK- AND she’ll be ready to film The Big Bang Theory Season 11 just in time for the season premiere.

Mayim Bialik’s Voice

For a whole month Mayim Bialik has sat in silence, not even uttering a laugh or cry as she lives her crazy Los Angeles life. The Big Bang Theory star was prescribed 30 days of complete vocal rest due to permanent damage suffered by her vocal chords. Mayim shared a photo from her ENT’s office on June 28th telling fans the news. 

Today, however, Mayim shared a much happier Instagram post. Mayim said, “My voice is officially BACK! Check out today’s vlog for some of my thoughts on being voiceless, and what it’s like preparing to head back to the set for what is sure to be an exciting season opern of [The Big Bang Theory].” Wow- how awesome for fans? We now know Mayim can make her regular vlog videos, AND she’ll be headed back to play Amy Farrah Fowler this fall. We were worried for a second that Big Banmight have to continue on without her.

Of course, Mayim celebrated her voice being back by creating a Youtube video. Mayim has been growing her online presence through weekly vlogs, Instagram photos, and twitter messages. Stars can pull in big bucks by creating online followings and advertising to their fans.

Mayim Is Happy

Mayim said in her video, “It is very good to have my voice back- we go back to Big Bang Theory next week. My voice needs to be strong for that, I’m still conserving it.” Mayim said going back to the show feels like going back to school, and that she is preparing for the season ahead.

Are you as ecstatic as we are to have Mayim Bialik’s voice back?

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