Mayim Bialik’s Views On Raising Vegan Children


Mayim Bialik’s Vegan Kids

Mayim Bialik is known for her unique lifestyle choices and outside-of-the-norm parenting. She prescribes to an attachment parenting style. She keeps her children very close to her and fully immerses herself in their lives. That includes feeding them a vegan diet. She spoke about what it’s like to raise vegan kids, and how she explains the choice to them.

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Mayim says “A taste aversion stopped my eating meat, then my deep love and respect for animals started informing more and more of my decisions. I had an innate sense of wanting to be vegan, but I needed more information.” She gradually began to learn more and implement the lifestyle. 

When Mayim’s first born was born, he could not drink her breast milk. She was still eating dairy at the time and realized that this was to blame. She says of her full conversion, “I read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, and that did it.”

How She Explains It To Her Kids

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Mayim says she wants to make sure the information she’s explaining to her children has always been age-appropriate. She doesn’t want them to very feeling deprived, and she wants them to understand her choices. She makes sure her children are fed and stays educated on the health needs of vegans.

Mayim also attributes her health and knowledge to her mother. She said, “My own mom was pretty progressive for her time. She was always making us raw trail mix; we never had sugary cereal. I was raised with a lot of that, but never appreciated it until I became a parent myself.”

Mayim’s Favorite Foods

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Obviously, kids like to snack a lot. Mayim has to get creative when feeding her son vegan meals and snacks. She says she is very skilled in making cheese out of nuts. She said, “We’ll put nut cheese on crackers and eat it with veggies. I also use nut cheese in place of ricotta; I make spanakopita [a savory pie] with it. And avocado—my favorite—is one of the best foods you can give kids.”

Do you think raising vegan kids would be hard?

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