Take A Look At Mayim Bialik’s Powerful Gun Control Video


Mayim Bialik doesn’t hold back her feelings, especially when the subject is the safety and lives of children. She once again created a captivating video about a controversial subject, but did she miss the mark or hit the nail on the head?

Mayim Bialik On Gun Control

An actress on Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik has created a rather large platform for herself. She speaks to over 350,000 subscribers every time her Youtube account posts a video. That’s a far reach, that can go ever further each time a video goes viral. She realizes that she has a responsibility to speak up, and she has the passion to do so.

Mayim was moved by the Valentine’s day mass shooting in Florida to speak once again on the gun control subject. She opened up the video saying something that hit way too close to home. “Yet another mass shooting at a school has captured the attention of a nation. This time 17 people were killed…A tragedy of this magnitude leaves us all shocked and heart broken. The images of those 17 faces will not leave my head. But I said that about the last shooting, and the last faces, and indeed we forget.” She’s definitely not wrong. Each time a mass shooting occurs the media turns into a frenzy, support systems are put in place, change is called for, debate is struck up….and then we move on.

Controversy Of Her Shame

Up until this point in the video Mayim hadn’t said anything controversial at all. Most people would hopefully agree the mass shooting are terrible tragedies, that happen far too often in our country. However, where many fans disagree is how to handle those instances. Mayim continued, “I’m angry. I feel numb, I feel disgusted, I feel horrified, and sometimes I feel all of these things at once…And I’m ashamed at what’s become normal in our country. It’s not normal, it’s enough.”

Mayim then went on to list a string of things that she believes contribute to mass shooting. Among them she listed violent video games, toxic masculinity, lack of mental health care, and “These are all contributing factors to a larger problem. But we don’t have the ability to solve all of them all together today. What I want to talk about is a set of actions that we can actually take…specifically with the AR15 Rifle. These kinds of mass killings would not happen with this kind of weapon.”

Mayim then went on to list ways that her fans could take action to help ban weapons like these, and impose stricter gun control. Do you think Mayim Bialik is onto something? Or is her heart in the right place, but not her tactics?