Mayim Bialik Just Spilled A Huge “Secret” About Shamy’s Future… Fans Losing It

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-04-20

The Big Bang Theory Cast Spills The Beans

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In the tenth seasons of TBBT Amy and Sheldon consummate their relationship for the second time. Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik sat down with CBS writers and talked about what it’s like to film these scenes, and what they think of their characters take on coitus. Mayim even gave her insight into a possible Shamy baby…

She Gives Credit To The Writers

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Mayim talked about how the TBBT writers do an outstanding job at allowing the characters to grow through their relationships. Sheldon, in particular, has evolved by leaps and bounds. He now notices Amy’s emotions, is sensitive to her feelings, and obviously, will engage in physical contact. Mayim said, “[Jim Parsons] and I loved this episode because it allowed us a lot of development [for] our relationship without writers needing to force any changes we weren’t ready for. The changes that we have seen in Sheldon’s character are in some ways monumental and in some ways incremental, and that is to the credit of our writers.”

She also discussed boundaries she has on set…

Boundaries In The Relationship

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Mayim said she appreciates that the writers have kept Amy’s innocence while allowing her to learn and become a more confident woman. She said, “…in this episode, especially, we get to see how important boundaries are for both her and Sheldon and how much they are respectful of that. It’s really sweet.”

She loves that she and Jim Parsons can keep things sweet, and hopes to inspire others who feel they lack social skills or development.

Mayim also weighed in on whether she thinks Shamy should have a baby…and her answer might surprise you…

She’s Not Ready For An Onscreen Child

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Amy said although she likes how the writers are playing with Sheldon’s want of a child, she isn’t so keen on the idea. “I don’t think that Amy and Sheldon need to start thinking about a baby, if that’s what you’re hinting at—we have enough going on with just moving in together!”

We kind of agree with her. Sheldon is just starting to blossom. However, having a child too soon could hinder or even worse reverse all of that progress. Parsons has even said he was surprised when he read that sex was being added into the plot when Sheldon lost his virginity. He explained that acting out the event on stage, “It was fun to act. It wasn’t hard to act.”

What do you think? Should there be a Shamy baby?

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