Mayim Bialik made a bold statement in her latest Youtube video that is leaving fans shocked and stunned.

She believes she has proof of God, and she might not be able to act anymore.

Mayim Bialik On Vocal Rest

Mayim Bialik has been put on vocal rest for 30 days. Doctors are hopeful The Big Bang Theory actress will regain some of her voice, but she explained to fans she will never be able to have a full vocal range again. The actress suffers from chronic vocal chord stress and has been dealing with the problem for several years now.

Mayim explained that she believes her vocal problems are proof of God’s existence. In her latest Youtube video, she had an ASL interpreter help her convey the message that her, “father struggled from paralyzed vocal chords.” Mayim said the damage came from a degenerative illness he died with two years ago. 

Mayim explained, “Around that time I started to lose my voice too. The irony was not lost on me and I debated announcing to every atheist I know that I had proof of God’s existence.” Mayim believes that she lost her voice for spiritual reasons and that she and her father were connected in a divine way.

Mayim described speaking to her father on his death bed through her young son. She would type messages on a computer, and have her son read them aloud to her dad. Mayim called the experience, “was excruciating, and also beautiful.”

Mayim’s Future

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Mayim said of her health challenges, “My religiously minded friends tell me what I know is true, sometimes God- or the universe- does for us what we cannot do for ourselves.”

Mayim clearly believes that God has a purpose for her silent month, and she intends to think positively and heal in the future. We hope she gets better soon, and that she is able to play Amy Farrah Fowler in the upcoming season of The Big Bang Theory.

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