Do Mayim’s New Photoshoot Pics Go Against Her “Beliefs”…?

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Mayim Bialik just released photos of her shoot with CBS Watch! Magazine in Israel. The star admitted the pictures are a bit out of her norm, even showing a racier side.

Mayim Bialik In Israel

Mayim Bialik is quite famous for her religious views, outspoken nature, and modest dress. She has made it a point in the media to take a stand for modest wear, and has even called out other stars. She famously said modesty, is about “being humble, not screaming at people from your car when they cut you off, holding your tongue when you are unjustly insulted rather than retaliating and cursing, not doing what Miley Cyrus did at the VMAs the other night; these are all aspects of tznius.”

Stopping traffic
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That’s why we were a bit shocked to see the hot photos of Mayim Bialik in Israel. Her CBS Watch! Magazine spread may seem tame for a regular celebrity, but for Mayim, these photos are quite revealing.

Dark and lovely
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Sexy and sleek
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She explained in an Instagram post, “took me to Israel for an awesome photo shoot a little over a year ago. These are some of the pix we shot in some iconic locations in Tel Aviv. Safe to say this is the first (and only!?) picture of me with a sheer top and bra showing. Oh, Israel. You brought out the frisky in me!!”

In some of the photos, you can even see Mayim’s cleavage. She looks gorgeous of course, with a sophisticated old-Hollywood vibe.

It’s In The Family

It's a family affair
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While on the trip to Israel Mayim visited the family property. She said, “the one with the red background was taken in the Bialik House: the home of Chaim Nachman Bialik, the Poet Laureate of Israel whom I am related to. His portrait is above me.”

What do you think of these new Mayim Bialik photos? 

We think she looks gorgeous!

  • Jill M. Richards

    Ok!, dudette Mayim! You totally rock those looks! You should !dopt your own versions, but embrace the style!

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