In a recent Youtube video, Mayim Bialik talks about what it’s like to go 30 days without speaking. While the actress shares her thoughts on the experience, she also let it slip that she might be seeing someone…but who’s the lucky guy?

Mayim Bialik’s Relationship

Mayim Bialik recently spent the entire month of July in silence. The Big Bang Theory actress was prescribed 30 days of vocal rest after an ENT doctor found bleeding and damage on her vocal chords. It seems years of acting and singing have finally caught up to her.

Mayim has been as outspoken and honest as ever, using ASL interpreters to talk to fans and keep up with her weekly Youtube Vlogs. In one video, in particular, Mayim explained she’s learned a lot from her silence, specifically when it comes to communicating. “My life feels like an elaborate game of charades…” Mayim said, “Despite not being able to speak it’s also been an incredible learning experience.”

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In describing her learning experiences, Mayim talked about a certain “relationship” she is “reconciling.” “I am reconciling a critically important relationship,” Mayim shared, “After over a year apart. It is excruciating to not be able to speak to this person, but it’s also its own blessing because I get to see what it’s like to just be, and to be held, and to look into someone’s eyes, and to not have to fix everything right away.” We’d say that definitely sounds like a romantic relationship- but who could the lucky guy be?

Parenting Challenges

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While we might not find out who this mystery man is just yet, Mayim did share a little bit about the other men in her life. Apparently parenting her two young boys, 8 and 11 years old, was quite the challenge with no voice. “It’s incredibly challenging to break up a squabble between two children without a voice,” she admitted.

We can’t even imagine. Who do you think Mayim Bialik might be dating?

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