Mayim Bialik Just Publicly Threw Serious Shade At Fyre Festival Disaster


You’ve probably heard of the Fyre Festival disaster. A music festival advertised as an exclusive high end event on a private island turned out to be a nightmare to all in attendance. Many people are shocked, including Mayim Bialik.

The Fyre Festival

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The Fyre Festival was an event put on by rapper Ja Rule and Fyre C.E.O. Billy McFarland. Advertising for the festival made it look like a Coachella-esque VIP experience, all on a private island in The Bahamas. Supposedly a ton of incredible musical artists would perform, celebrity gourmet chefs would cook, and yachts would be provided. However, that isn’t exactly what happened.

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When guests arrived on the island they found there were no music venues, only disaster relief tents. There was no electricity, no food, no water, and no way out. At the airport guests were retained and unable to leave the country, creating a complete nightmare of a situation. 

Mayim Bialik hardly ever holds her tongue on matters like these. She is well known for playing Amy on TV, but perhaps just as known for her outspoken nature, and online presence. Mayim has even tweeted at stars such as Kanye West, putting herself in the middle of many a controversy.

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The Fyre Festival was no exception. Mayim tweeted, “Sorry, I have to: this was an ad for . I’ll say no more.” The tweet came with the above picture of glamorous models lounging on a perfect sandy beach. 

Mayim’s Models

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Mayim Bialik’s tweet was liked over 200 times, and it appeared many fans appreciated her statement. Among models who promoted the festival were Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and  Emily Ratajkowski. The models were told they could come to the festival for free, in exchange for posting photos on their social media feeds.

What we’re confused about is, why were these models not among the stranded? Were they warned ahead of time that the festival would be a sham? Regardless, Fyre Festival now faces a 100 million dollar lawsuit, and the wrath of Mayim Bialik.