Mayim Bialik Just Made Fun Of Your Water Consumption


Mayim Bialik has found yet another way to make money, and stand up for a cause she believes in. The Big Bang Theory star recently teamed up with Soda Stream to create a satirical video poking fun at our society’s rampant use of plastic bottles.

Mayim Bialik And Soda Stream

“The homoschlepians are coming to the water source…” Mayim Bialik pronounces at the beginning of her Soda Stream add. The TBBT star has teamed up with the beverage appliance company, to spread awareness about plastic bottle use. 

Mayim said, “Super refreshing to work on this video with #SodaStream and envision a world without polluting plastic bottles.”

The ad is set in the future and shows Mayim explaining how past generations had only consumed water out of plastic bottles. “Although perfectly fresh water is all around them,” Mayim tells the children, “due to a cognitive anomaly, Homoschlepians wouldn’t drink water, or sparkling water, unless it came in a plastic bottle.” A child in the audience asks what a plastic bottle is, and Mayim, pretending it is a relic, shows them.

The video goes on to show all the ways carbonation and water bottles are used. Mayim says, “I was blown away by the sophistication of their science, and the richness of their culture,” as a group of men participate in the water bottle flip challenge.

Soda Stream Is Fresh Sparkling Water At Home

Mayim tells the audience, “with Soda Stream, mankind evolved to make fresh sparkling water at home without carrying polluting plastic bottles.”

The ad is amusing, funny, and even a bit insulting. Mayim is clearly trying to get across the point that plastic bottles are awful for the planet, and our use of them is both unnecessary and wasteful, but we don’t really appreciate her shaming our water use.

Mayim hopes everyone will have a Soda Stream in the future. She wrote, “Here’s to the day when this video becomes a reality and plastic bottles become a thing of the past! Our world will be better for it.”

What do you think of Mayim’s latest partnership?

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