Mayim Bialik has been instructed by doctors to abstain from speaking for an entire month.

The Big Bang Theory actress has vocal chord damage, after repeated straining. Perhaps acting for all these years has finally worn down on the former child star.

Mayim Bialik’s Voice

Here’s a pic of me waiting for a check up from my ENT. I can’t speak for a month. Yup. Check out today’s Instagram story for more details and a vlog teaser for tomorrow. Yes, I can still make videos voiceless!!!! (Youtube channel link in bio)

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Mayim Bialik recently shared that she has been put on a month long vocal rest by ENT doctors. She wrote, “I can’t speak for a month. Yup.” Of course, that didn’t stop Mayim from making her regular Youtube video. She continued, “Check out today’s Instagram story for more details and a vlog teaser for tomorrow. Yes, I can still make videos voiceless!”

This week’s vlog is unique in that it has to be a voiceless video. I sprained my vocal cords, but that won’t keep me from vlogging! This week I bring in an #ASL interpreter to help me “talk” about losing my voice, how it relates to my father’s death and how it relates to building my life voiceless but not silent. (Link to full video in bio!)

A post shared by mayim bialik (@missmayim) on Jun 29, 2017 at 5:06pm PDT

In the viral video, Mayim had an ASL interpreter help her communicate her feelings about being put on vocal rest. Mayim says she is, “building [her] life voiceless but not silent.”

Apparently, Mayim has had vocal issues for quite some time. She told her viewers that she lost her voice almost entirely several years ago when her father was also having vocal chord troubles. Mayim’s dad died with paralyzed vocal chords, and she recalled that in his last moments he could only whisper to her. Mayim was losing her voice from repeated straining and would communicate with her ailing father by typing sentences on a laptop and having her young son read them out loud.

Plans To Heal

Fans are worried that Mayim won’t be able to perform as Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory. Mayim said she has attended speech and vocal therapy previously, and learned how to use breath and posture to help her voice feel less strained. However, this time she says, “My voice won’t come back all the way…I get it back here and there but not enough to sing…not enough to have a full speaking range even…” 

Mayim said this about TBBT, “When you use your voice for work, there is a lot to talk about. Not now for me…” Does this mean Mayim will not be able to continue taping The Big Bang Theory?

Nothing more was said. We’ll be looking more closely at Mayim’s health, and let you know when we have updates.

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