Mayim Bialik Has Been Glam-ing Up Her Look To Sell Her New Book On Press Tour

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Mayim Bialik has been hitting the pavement full force, getting the word out about her new book Girling Up: How To Be Smart Strong and Spectacular. She’s been ditching Amy Farrah Fowler’s frumpy and drab look for a more glamorous aesthetic, and people are taking notice.

Mayim Bialik has been appearing on tons of talk shows, radio interviews, magazine covers and many other press avenues to promote her new book Girling Up: How To Be Smart Strong and Spectacular. The Big Bang Theory star seems to have been on the road for weeks, and fans are noticing that she’s really stepped up her glamor game.

Preparing for sexy hair is a lot of work.

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She posted this photo while getting ready for her appearance on The View. She captioned the photo “preparing for sexy hair is a lot of work.” Mayim has famously talked about the pressures she faced growing up and as a Hollywood actress to look and dress a certain way. 

However, sometimes we forget that Mayim really is capable of a totally glam look, complete with hair makeup, and yes–modest attire. Her dresses are typically girly, and full covering. She wrote, “So honored to have written for Marie Claire Magazine about my book #GirlingUp.” The star can be seen with a sleek low ponytail, and pretty drop earrings. Amy Farrah Fowler would certainly never wear such a look, but Mayim totally rocks it.

Good Morning Mayim Bialik

For her Good Morning America appearance, Mayim wore a pretty tea-length floral dress, nude heels, and stylish earrings. The star also opted for soft waves in her hair, and again neutral, yet flattering makeup. 

She also posted this photo to show the great lengths she had gone to look bright and ready in the morning. Even if she is prescribing to a girly-er style lately, she’s still being honest about what it takes to live up to today’s beauty standards.

Do you like Mayim Bialik’s more glamorous look?

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