Mayim Bialik Gets Political

Image result for mayim bialik politicsphoto by Mayim Bialik has once again used her Instagram platform to express her political views and sentiments. She reaches over 1.8 million followers with her posts, and has quite a bit to say. This week Bialik’s posts weren’t the least bit filtered, and some fans were shocked as she let her true feelings fly.

She Prefers Amy

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Mayim posted this pointed photo with the caption, “While filming @bigbangtheory tonight, the world became full of urine & poop. I prefer being Amy to this.” It’s unclear what exactly the star is referring to, but she did hashtag the words “Golden Showers” and “Russian spy issues.” Some fans assumed she was referring to several compromising stories about Trump’s sexual escapades that were reported earlier this year. What is clear is that Mayim is fed up with our nation’s political climate, and this isn’t the first time she has spoken out.

Mayim Speaks Out About Feminism

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Mayim also used her social media account to speak to fans about her view of feminism. She wrote, “A lot of people don’t know what feminism actually is; they think feminists are all man-hating, no make-up wearing militants. We’re not all like that! This Feminism Friday, @themamafesto asked @groknation‘s group of feminists to define some of the most important words and phrases associated with feminism.” So what exactly is Grok Nation?

Grok Nation

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Grok Nation is a website that Mayim developed in 2015 that aims to spread information and awareness about various issues. It comes from the definition, “Grok”, to look at every issue and find the underlying importance and meaning in it.” Mayim aims to write about the things that inspire, confuse, excite, and worry her. She wrote, “We can do it all here. We can have fun, we can learn, we can explore, and we can grow. We can do it together. One nation under grok.” There are six categories that Mayim focuses on primarily.

The Six Categories of Grok

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The six categories of Grok nation are; News, Hollywood, Parenting, Women, Culture, and Faith. TBBT fans will find blurbs about the series, Parents will find advice, women will find empowering stories, and pop-culture junkies will find their daily fix. It seems Mayim has thought of everything. It’s safe to say she is a passionate actress who wants to make an impact and share her every thought.

Will you check out Grok Nation? Do you agree with Mayim Bialik’s political stances?

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