Mayim Bialik Gets A Little TOO Personal In A New Essay About Body Changes…


Mayim Bialik is known for being an open book when it comes to all things politics, religion, science, and parenthood. Now we can add menopause to the list. Here’s what Mayim had to say about growing older, and experiencing “The change.”

Mayim’s Honest

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We first met Mayim is a teeny tiny teenager on Blossom. We’ve watched her grow old, and now love her as Amy Farrah Fowler on Big Bang Theory. Ready to have your jaw hit the floor? Mayim is now almost old enough for menopause…and she’s not afraid to talk about it.

Mayim has never shied away from hard subjects. She candidly speaks about her mental health and her views on society. We’re all aware of Hollywood’s ageism. Actresses who age are not as valued as young twenty-somethings. Now Mayim is speaking up. There’s nothing surprising about Mayim speaking out. 

However, her subject matter took a distinct turn in a recent essay on Grok Nation.

“Moon Cycles”

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Fans were a bit shocked at just how far she was willing to go. 

Mayim wrote, “In the years since turning 40–and prepare yourself for some deep deep honesty coming at you right now–I have had a handful of months where my cycle has shifted. Like…a few times it has lasted over 2 weeks. No pain, nothing out of order except it WOULD NOT END. And a few times it was really late. And sometimes noticeably different than usual. Like really heavy. Or super light.”

Are you cringing? We can’t lie, we were a little. It’s strange to hear a woman, especially a well-known celebrity, talk about something so personal. However, Mayim is always trying to be as candid as possible, so it makes sense that she is really willing to go there on her blog.

It’s Too Early

Mayim explained that the medical problem was diagnosed by her midwife. While most people think of a midwife’s only purpose as childbirth, Mayim clarifies, “Many are nurse practitioners who take care of women in more comfortable settings than doctor’s offices, even when the women are not interested in making babies.”

Mayim’s midwife told her she is starting menopause, and Mayim was shocked. She wrote, “Now, you might be as shocked as I was. Because I’m “only” 42. Menopause is something that happens to–forgive me here–wrinkly old women in those commercials on cable. Ladies who are grandmas. Dry skinned women past their sexual prime.”

It’s Affected Her Work

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Mayim was confused how this could happen at only 42 years old. However, she chose to ignore it- as many women do. Then something happened. We love hearing behind the scenes stories about TBBT, but we have to say this one was a bit out there. She wrote, “recently during tape night at The Big Bang Theory, I started to feel hot. As the heat built inside of me like a coal furnace on an old train chugging its way up a mountain, I kept asking myself if I was coming down with something. But this heat was not a fever.”

Mayim was experiencing a hot flash. She admitted that she is worried it will affect her entire life, including how Hollywood and society view her. Mayim admitted, “What do I do now? I do what all women do. One step at a time, one day at a time, see what Mother Nature has in store for me. And in an industry where a woman’s worth and value is often determined by her sexual appeal, her fertility in a way, I worry. I worry if I will need hormonal therapy and I worry about the controversy about that.”

We have to admit it’s pretty brave for Mayim to admit these sorts of thoughts. Brave, but not out of character. She’s always sharing her deepest inner workings and trying to de-stigmatize anxiety and worry.

Mental Health

In fact, this isn’t the only action Mayim has taken lately to take away a stigma of worry. She recently took part in the Child Mind’s Institute “My Younger Self” campaign. She spoke candidly about what she would tell her younger self and even admitted that therapy saved her life.

Mayim said, “I think what I would have liked to tell my younger self about my mental health is that there are answers. For me, some of those answers I had to wait years to find and I needed to get different help, which ended up being really the right kind of help.” Mayim found those answers in therapy, despite always wanting to be alone. She clarified, “I wish I could have told my younger self that something will work — it’s just going to take sometimes more research, sometimes more referrals, and really figuring things out like your life depends on it, because for me, it did.”

She Feels A Responsibility

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Like many celebrities, Mayim feels a heavy responsibility to speak out to her followers and fans. She knows that many people look to her as an example. She said, “I have always reached out for help in my personal life for support in dealing with family and with my own mental health struggles. But now that I have a platform, I wanted to try and make more of a stance about it.”

She also hopes to help take away the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Mayim stated, “Being stigma-free means bringing to light things we have kept dark for so long. Stigma-free means acknowledging we struggle and showing the ways we cope so that we can still be present, functional and productive in our work, home, and love lives.”

She’s Unique

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Mayim is definitely a unique celebrity. She doesn’t claim to be straightforward. She told fans, “I’m an oddball, a walking fireball of complex and seemingly opposing notions.” However, she hopes her many contradictions make others feel less alone. Mayim explained, “I’m a feminist but I’m socially conservative.” Finally, she added, “I’m a scientist and also a religious person; I’m a vegan but can’t live without some very unhealthy things like movie popcorn and fried pickle slices.”

Do you think Mayim Bialik crossed a line talking about her menopause symptoms? Or do you believe she’s doing the world a favor by speaking candidly about every part of her life?