Mayim Bialik is currently on a press tour for her new book Girling Up: How To Be Strong Smart and Spectacular. She told Paste Magazine that she had some very strong opinions about how the book should be presented and marketed.

<i>The Big Bang Theory</i>'s Mayim Bialik Talks Her Latest Book, <i>Girling Up</i>photo by When it came time to pick out a cover for her new book, Mayim Bialik did not want a glamor shot type look. Mayim said, “Originally, it was pitched to me that we do a pretty glamor shot of me, with my hands on my chin, looking very smart with glasses and appropriate sparkly makeup. I rarely put my foot down about things firmly, but I said, ‘Absolutely not.’” Image result for girling upphoto by


The book is all about empowering girls and guiding them to be smart and confident strong women. Mayim felt that a glamor shot sent the wrong message. She then came up with the idea for a super-hero themed cover- one which Amy Farrah Fowler would totally love. Mayim said, “Everybody on our creative team was able to get on board with more of a playful and quirky look for the whole book as opposed to a sleek “Ooh, celebrity scientist” look, which kind of makes me nauseous.”

Mayim’s Youtube Success

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Mayim also touched on her Youtube success. The star’s video channel has over 180,000 subscribers, and most of her videos rake in upwards of 100,000 views. Recently she created a post about calling women “girls” that garnished a whole lot of media attention. Mayim said, “I’m constantly being encouraged to spend my time, my money and my energy to make a personal investment in the YouTube space.”

However, she still feels that regular old paper and hardback books are important tools. She explained, “I’m old fashioned. I was old when I was 10 years old, so at 41, I know that I’m like a dinosaur. But I still have the reference book that I used as a kid for learning about my body and my brain.”

Will you be reading Mayim’s book, Girling Up: How to be Strong Smart and Spectacular?

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