Mayim Bialik is never one to hold back her opinions, and that rang true this week when she reminded us all of her blunt interview with the “You’re Better Than Me” Youtube channel.

Mayim Bialik and The Kardashians

Remember the video I did with my friend Jesse Burch for his “You’re Better Than Me” youtube show? Check out his and my favorite comment we got. My work is done here!!! and for the record, I don’t agree that I pooped all over them. critical? perhaps.

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Mayim Bialik recently re-posted an interview she did with the “You’re Better Than Me” Youtube channel and pointed out what she calls her “favorite comment we got,” on the almost 30-minute interview.

The comment Bialik is referring to reads, “This woman SH*TS all over the Kardashians- Great role model for young women!” While Mayim says, “I don’t agree that I pooped all over them” she does admit that she was critical of their lifestyle.

In the interview Mayim talked about her Orthodox Judaism, saying, “For me, there are certain guidelines, for not only how we dress, but also how we behave. And those guidelines actually exist for men and women in traditional Judaism. A lot of attention gets put on women because there’s more things…there are women who cover their heads. They wear a wig or a hat. As a feminist, I found it very empowering this notion of having a distinct amount of control over what my body looks like and how I present it.”

No Harsh Words

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Despite the user’s comment, Mayim never actually mentioned the Kardashians in her interview. However, it was clear she might be thinking about them or other celebrities like them. She said, “As I got more and more in the public eye it became more and more startling to me how much attention you can get for not wearing much clothing.” Mayim shared that she doesn’t wear anything above the knee, or even pants in public. She also wants to be known for her education and mind, rather than her sexiness or physical features.

Do you agree with Mayim Bialik? Is it startling how much attention celebrities can get for taking their clothes off?

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