Mayim Bialik Admits She Enjoys Shaming Internet Trolls


Mayim’s Latest Article

This week on Grok Nation, Mayim Bialik joined seven other feminists to talk about what it feels like to be trolled on the internet. Mayim has been in the public eye for quite some time. She starred in the hit TV show Blossom, as a teenager, and grew up in the spotlight. She knows a thing or two about harsh criticism.

However, nothing magnifies the isolation of celebrity quite like the internet.

Here’s what she and others had to say about it.

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An internet “troll” is someone who comments unnecessary and hurtful things on other people’s content. They often target celebrities or people they have never met.

Trolls use the anonymous nature of the internet to spread ill will. Mayim’s blog defined them perfectly when she said, “Anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes online knows that among the amazing cat videos and quirky memes live sad, lonely, desperate folks whose only apparent source of minimal pleasure comes from harassing other folks on the internet.”

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Mayim is known for her outspoken nature on social media. On her Twitter accounts, in particular, she will often call out others if they are being offensive. On Instagram, she doesn’t comment often but does make a point to post about social injustice and other causes that are near and dear to her heart.

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Mayim’s friends first chimed in for the article.

One named Cameron Rios wrote, “A few years ago, I decided I would respond to trolls only in Justin Bieber gifs. I highly recommend this course of action, most of all because nothing will stop your troll in their tracks faster than a completely out-of-context gif of Justin Bieber licking his lips while shirtless on an arena stage.”

Other responses were a variety of both serious and comedic.

Mayim’s Final Word

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Mayim finished the article by writing her take on dealing with trolls. She said, “It depends on my mood how I respond. Usually, if I take the bait I’m trying to make a larger statement as an act of defiance. It’s empowering to use my platform to shame those meanies, can’t deny it.”

Have you ever read a Mayim Bialik comment lashing back at an internet troll?


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