A Different Side Of Negan Is Finally Revealed

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC In “Something They Need,” we got to see a different side of Negan.

One that has fans freaking out… 

Offering Sasha a spot on the Savior’s team isn’t new, as he gave the same offer to Eugene and Daryl, but he also showed some respect for women in this episode.

One of his goons is there to rape Sasha, but Negan’s not having this type of behavior within the Sanctuary. He hasn’t created the most friendly environment, seeing as everyone lives slightly in fear of him, but there are rules to follow.

Negan kills this man because he broke the rules.

Negan Shows Sasha Some Compassion

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Negan also shows Sasha some compassion that we haven’t seen before. After he kills the would-be rapist, he leaves the body in her jail cell, then gives her a knife. This knife symbolically gives her a few options.

She can protect herself with it, which is what she chooses to do (for some reason, she waits for the walker to reanimate, rather than stabbing it right away, but there’s also some logic behind that as well).

The knife also gives her other freedoms.

Sasha Has Three Choices 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the end of the episode, she lied to Eugene because she wants a weapon so she can catch Negan off guard and kill him. Unfortunately, Eugene gives her the poison pill rather than a knife or gun.

Her story trails back to Negan’s original offer. She used the knife to protect herself, but he also gave her two ways out. She could use the knife to kill herself, which is something we almost saw Morgan do after Benjamin died.

But she can also use the knife to surrender. If she tossed it aside when the dead body came back to life, she could simply give in and let the walker take her. Negan gave her another way out without her having to actually take her own life.

Based on the fact that she waited to kill the walker, maybe she did consider this option.

Do you think there’s more to Negan than meets the eye?

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