On June 27th, 2015, Mary Kate McEacharn married John Luke Robertson and became a part of the Duck Dynasty brood. The Duck Dynasty wife changed her name to Mary Kate Robertson, and inserted herself into the craziest family of reality TV. Who is Mary Kate and what is she all about? photo by thelittleduckwife.com

Her Roots 

On Mary Kate’s blog “The Little Duck Wife,” she describes her childhood in the small town of Delhi, Louisiana. Like the rest of the Robertson family, Mary Kate is a proud Louisiana native and says she “LOVED growing up in Louisiana.” She has one sister, and lived with her two parents all her life.

She and John Luke Had Similar Upbringings

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The Little Duck Wife describes her childhood of playing outside, going to church, and hanging out with family. It all sounds very familiar to the lifestyle fans of Duck Dynasty, true of the rest of the Robertson family. “I LOVED growing up in Louisiana. That meant warm weather for the most part, so my little sister and I grew up running around barefoot outside, climbing trees, and a LOT of swimming,” Robertson describes.  

Also, like her husband, Mary Kate has an entrepreneur father. Mr. McEacharn owns the oldest drug store in all of Louisiana. Both she and John Luke spent much of their time at their father’s businesses.  

Adopted Siblings

Well…almost adopted. Mary Kate often posts photos with a young baby boy. The boy is apparently a foster child of her parents. The family is in the process of permanently adopting. John Luke also has three adoptive siblings, Rebecca, Will, and Rowdy.

Where They Met

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Both Mary Kate and John Luke attended King’s Camp in Mer Rouge, Louisiana — a church camp focused on developing Christian kids. Later that year Mary Kate transferred schools. Her new school just so happened to be where John Luke attended.  The rest is history.

Her Greatest Loves

Mary Kate calls Jesus her friend, and says church has always been a huge part of her life. She and John Luke both speak very openly about their faith. Each have an impressive social media following. They are constantly posting words of encouragement for their followers.  

Mary Kate Also Loves Fashion

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Like many of the Duck Dynasty wives, Mary Kate loves clothing and fashion. On her blog she listed Madewell, Free People, Lulu Lemon, Urban Outfitters, and Duck and Dressing as her favorite places to shop. She often posts different outfits on her blog and social media accounts. Fashion is something many of the Robertson women share a passion for.

She Keeps Her Fans In the Know

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Mary Kate is currently living in Virginia and attending Liberty University with her husband John Luke. She posts frequently on her blog, and is constantly traveling with the Robertson family. Both she and John Luke traveled with and spoke at Sadie Robertson’s Live Original Tour.

As time passes, The Little Duck Wife, will likely keep followers on their toes with her active lifestyle. It’s going to be fun finding out what she’s up to next. 


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