Mary Kate Robertson Makes AMAZING Declaration… She’s Finally Free


Mary Kate Robertson once bravely shared her struggle with both depression and Lyme Disease through her blog, The Little Duck Wife. Now the Duck Dynasty alumni is happy to share that she’s feeling much better, and enjoying life to its fullest.

Mary Kate Robertson’s Struggle With Depression

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Mary Kate Robertson and her entire family struggle with Lyme disease. Her father was diagnosed when she was still in elementary school, and she herself was diagnosed soon after. The young college student explained that her family has sought treatment all over the country, to no avail. She wrote, ” My family has been to countless doctors all over the country and no one is any healthier.”

As a result of the Lyme Disease, and major life changes, Mary Kate developed depression during her freshman year of college. She and John Luke Robertson had just been married, and moved together to Virginia, where they attend Liberty University. Fans were concerned for a while, after reading about Mary Kate’s struggles. The star bravely wrote, “During this time I cried every single day. There was always this overwhelming feeling of sadness. I felt overwhelmed by social situations and talking to people. I was extremely stressed out over my classes.” 

Mary Kate was encouraged by Korie Robertson to seek help, and through support and love she found relief. She explained, “It was during our family beach trip that I couldn’t handle it anymore and I called my mom. I talked to her and my dad for about an hour and then to Mrs. Korie for another an hour. And we finally came to a decision and that it was time to see a doctor to find out if this was some sort of chemical imbalance.”


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Now Mary Kate is feeling better than ever. She has come to terms with her depression, and found the right treatments she needed to feel herself again. Fans were overjoyed after reading her latest blog post.

The star explained that she is totally loving life lately. She said, “I love life right now. I didn’t think I’d be saying that with JL being gone for the month. But wow. God just came in and reminded how blessed I am.” We are so glad Mary Kate Robertson is doing better. She is an inspiration for Christian women all over.