John Luke’s Wife Shares Real Struggles Of Marriage And Being In University….


Despite her husband being away for work, she’s having a great time at “the greatest University in the world.” The Little Duck Wife recently shared with her blog readers that she’s really “loving life” right now. 

Mary Kate Robertson Loves Her School

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Mary Kate Robertson recently proclaimed she believes Liberty to be “the greatest University in the world.” Here’s what you should know about the school she and John Luke chose to study.

John Luke’s wife, Mary Kate Robertson is as happy as can be. 

Mary Kate wrote in her blog, “I love life right now. I didn’t think I’d be saying that with JL being gone for the month. But wow. God just came in and reminded how blessed I am. I am studying at what I believe to be the greatest university in the world. I have the greatest friends who love me so, so well.” We assume John Luke is away appearing on the Live Original tour with his sister Sadie. The tour will extend through November, and John Luke helps run the event.

So where is “the greatest University in the world?” Mary Kate and John Luke chose to study at Liberty University. The Christian school is located in the mountains of Virginia. It is the largest non-profit private University in the United States. 

The school is a great choice for Mary Kate and John Luke. It focuses not only on academic growth for students but also spiritual growth. The school’s website states, “Liberty University will equip you to enter a competitive job market. Learn, develop, and grow at Liberty so you can impact your culture as a Champion for Christ.”

Living The Dream

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Mary Kate seems to be handling life without John Luke nicely. It helps that her family came to visit her this month. She continued on the blog, “The leaves are changing and I get to live in the mountains and watch them. My family is visiting me right now! I am freaking loved and cared for by the Creator of the universe. …that last one…that alone is the greatest blessing of all. I am just feeling really thankful and I am really grateful that God has given me an exuberance for life again lately!”

We’re so glad Mary Kate Robertson is doing so well. Do you agree with her that Liberty University is the greatest University in the world?