Millions of people watched Duck Dynasty’s John Luke Robertson marry Mary Kate. But now Mary Kate admitted something about their marriage.

Mary Kate Robertson (via Country Rebel) Since they got married (by John Luke’s dad, Willie), they moved away from West Monroe, Louisiana, to Lynchburg, Virginia, where they both went to Liberty University.

They may not be followed by the paparazzi, but they are open with fans when the time is right. Mary Kate has a blog where she writes posts that give fans a glimpse into their lives together.

One question people always ask her is, “How did you know he was ‘the one’?” Well, in a blog post titled “What It’s Like Getting Married Young,” she addresses this question.

photo by @marykaterob via

And she says she has no idea what finding “the one” means.

“I really don’t know what [‘the one’] means,” she writes. “I mean I do, but I don’t remember thinking a lot around that term.”

She went onto explain what she means by that.

“Our sole purpose on earth is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever (Psalm 86:9),” she continues. “That’s our goal in all aspects of life, including marriage. Then you can ask yourself, ‘With this person am I able to glorify God more? Will our relationship be honoring to God? Can I serve God better with this person or are they going to hinder my service to God?’ And then be real with yourself and real with God.”

She then summed it all up with one sentence.

“After you say ‘I do’ that person is ‘the one!’” she says.

After going on to give some marriage advice in that post, she ends her blog with some profound words.

“Other than saying yes to Jesus, saying yes to John Luke was the best ‘yes’ of my life,” she writes. “Being married to him has been the GREATEST adventure.”

You can check out their wedding video below.

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