THIS Duck Wife Says She’s FURIOUS With God For This… Please Pray

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-02-23

Mary Kate Robertson’s Blog

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Mary Kate Robertson often writes of her spiritual journey and everyday happenings. She recently posted what she called her “testimony,” and explained her journey in believing in God. She is honest and frank in her questioning and struggles with Christianity, especially in times of need. Here’s what she had to say.

The Little Duck Wife

Mary Kate wrote on her blog, The Little Duck Wife, that she doesn’t ever remember a time where she didn’t believe in God. This is common for many people raised in the church. There isn’t one moment when they think Ah ha! I believe now. It is a gradual process, and there is an unwavering belief throughout childhood.

However, as these children raised in the church grow into adolescence, they are challenged by life and many begin to question God’s existence. Mary Kate had one of these struggles when her father was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She says, “No one understood. So I started talking to God. It was a mixture of knowing I needed God, but also being mad at Him. So many “Why God? Why’s”. I think this was the first time I had to decide if I would continue to trust God, and I think that was also the first time I realized God was the only one who would ALWAYS be there for me.”

Mary Kate Was Also Sick

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Mary Kate has been open about her own struggle with the disease. After marrying John Luke at 19 years old she moved to Liberty University with him. She began to take birth control pills and realized that the prescription’s interaction with her own Lyme disease was causing depressing, and other physical illness. She recalls, “It was hard. It was the most confusing and painful time of my life. It was so rough because what were actually health problems, I was thinking were spiritual problems.”

Mary Kate’s Year of Depression

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The Little Duck wife has written other posts about her struggle with anxiety and depression in her first year of marriage. She attributes hormonal imbalances and moving far away from her family support system, to her battle. She writes, ” God’s word was the only thing I could go to for truth. Honestly, I didn’t feel it was true a lot of the time, but I had to know in my heart it was true and remind myself. I had to proclaim that truth in my life. God brought me through it and praise Him for that!”

Like all of the Robertsons, Mary Kate Robertson has made it her mission to proclaim her faith and use her platform to spread the Christian message.

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