This is a continuation of a special Halloween themed look at Big Bang Theory episodes. If you haven’t read part 1, please do so and come back.

Finally in season six, Stuart decides to organize a Halloween costume party at the comic book store. Raj ends up being the party manager. While Amy and Bernadette decide to go with Sheldon and Howard respectively, Penny is not interested as she does not like going to parties at the comic book store. Amy and Bernadette then convince her to show interest in Leonard’s activities. Since Leonard shows interest in her activities even though he actually does not like them.

Listening to their advice, she visits Leonard’s lab the next day. She is really fascinated by his work, as a result of which she gets turned on. They end up having sex in the lab. This repeats every time she visits Leonard’s lab or whenever Leonard shows how smart he is. At the party, they end up having sex in a similar fashion.

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Amy argue over what couple they should go as to the party. While Amy suggests Romeo and Juliet or Raggedy Ann and Andy, Sheldon prefers R2-D2 and C-3PO, Hewlett and Packard or salt and pepper. Eventually both agree to a compromise. Amy dresses up as Raggedy Ann, while Sheldon dresses up as Raggedy C-3PO.

Elsewhere, Howard cannot stop talking about his space mission. Unfortunately, his talk bores his friends and even Bernadette. Before having sex, Bernadette tells him that she and the others are tired of listening to his adventures his space and forbids him from talking about it. Which does not go down well with him. He refuses to attend the party unless he can talk about his space mission, but is eventually forced to attend by Bernadette.


At the party, he lashes out at Raj for forcing him to keep quiet about his space mission. This causes Bernadette to confront him. Howard reveals that without his space adventure he feels like he is “just…Howard Wolowitz”. Bernadette then consoles him, saying that she fell in love with “just…Howard Wolowitz”, after which they kiss.

Later that night, Raj sends Howard a video of astronaut Buzz Aldrin irritating children by constantly referring to his trip to the Moon. On seeing the video, Howard finally realizes how irritating his constant mentioning of his space mission sounded to others.

I would be happy with more Big Bang Theory Halloween episodes. Besides Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday. The show really has a heavy focus on relationships though, so I get why there are not a lot of themed episodes. They have a lot of ground to cover every time a relationship is in turmoil. Of course, laughter usually ensues as well. We need the comic relief. 

What do you think about the Halloween episodes? Would you like to see more of them? What would you like to see the cast members dress up as? Tell us in the comments below.

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