The Beatles said love is everything. I would Say, Phil Robertson Agrees with them. The reason for this post is to show the loving side of Phil. He’s recently been at the end of a lot of accusations about him being a racist and bigot. I haven’t met Phil personally and although I do not agree with him entirely on all his viewpoints… I do agree with this live speech in Texas This excerpt is only about a minute long.

Phil started the speech with, “Love one another deeply, from the heart. For you’ve been born again. I told you the first birth gets you here, the second birth, being born of God of water and the Spirit will get you out of here.”

You can’t fool this kind of love and passion. I truly believe Phil has a good heart. He may just not express himself in ways that everyone can understand or relate too. I have family members who seem very brash and harsh, but they have big hearts. Some people say things in a way that is offensive to others because they’re not so focused on being politically correct.

Here’s the short clip of the Live Speech by Phil Robertson.

Phil is right on a lot of points in this video. Society has hit a standstill due to division. If we are to move forward, it would be wise to take the live speech by Phil Robertson to heart. Another line from the speech was, “We get one shot – look at our culture, you’re telling me running with this bunch in America…the cops are the problem? We’re the problem.” And this is true, people sometimes act like things won’t get worst. In reality, things always get worse before they get better. There is possibility of civil war, it will not help this country. Phil understands a lot about how things are going. And although he may not say things that resonate with everyone, he cares about this country.

He’s also a deeply faithful man. He asked the question, “Why don’t we repent and turn to God and show our culture what real love is all about – and our government and Hollywood and all the news media- why don’t we just get out there and show them what real love is Texas?”

I think this is a question everyone in America should ask themselves. Why don’t we all show each other what real love is instead of always pointing fingers at each other? More of us could learn from the words of Phil Robertson who obviously does not hate. What are your opinions on the subject? Leave your opinions below in the comment section. Then ‘LIKE’ and ‘SHARE’ if you support Phil and want to see his name cleared of all accusations made against him.

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