It’s been 10 years of Big Bang Theory and in celebration we’re looking back at all of our Fan Favorite episodes from through the years. If you aren’t a true Big Bang Theory fan you may not realize that Leonard is not in fact Penny’s first husband. Here’s why.

The Thanksgiving Decoupling

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In The Thanksgiving Decoupling the entire gang is invited to Mrs. Wolowitz’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. In a strange turn of events Zack Johnson arrives, and Penny quickly realizes their relationship may be more serious than she had intended.

The ninth season of episode seven begins with the gang discusses cow tipping. Penny is pretty sure she’s accomplished the task drunk, but the boy’s point out it’s scientifically impossible. Howard then invites everyone to his mother’s house for the Holiday. Of course Sheldon does not want to go and in an effort to not be rude says, “Oh I’d love to but it sounds awful.” 

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While Sheldon argues that the dinner will be unbearable, Penny reassures him that it could be fun. She recalls that she once spent Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with Zack Johnson, her ex-boyfriend. They had a lot of fun and even went to one of those “silly wedding chapels.” As Penny tells the story it’s apparent that she thinks Las Vegas weddings are fake, but that she actually participated in a very real ceremony.

When the men try to explain to Penny that she may actually be married, she begins to hyperventilate.

Zack Johnson Is Penny’s First Husband

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Penny decides to invite Zack to the Thanksgiving dinner to get to the bottom of the situation. Amy finds online that grounds for annulment include not understanding the consequences of marriage.

Why do we love this episode? This quote right here:

Zack: I’m not sure about this. I heard splitting affects the children.
Penny: Zack, we don’t have any children!
Zack: Are you sure? Cause you didn’t even know we were married until this morning.

You have to love Zack Johnson, and all of Penny’s drunken mistakes.

Did you enjoy The Thanksgiving Decoupling  Big Bang Theory episode?

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