Kunal Nayyar Wishes He Could Play Penny Instead Of Raj

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-28

After ten years of The Big Bang Theory the actors have really grown close, with not only each other, but also their characters. However, Kunal Nayyar has an interesting request- he recently revealed he’d love to play Penny for a day. His reasoning might surprise you.

Kunal Nayyar Wants To Play Penny

Kunal Nayyar has spent the last ten years playing Raj on The Big Bang Theory. The Hollywood actor is the third highest paid star on television, and has acquired quite a bit of fame and success from the role. And yet, he’d still like to switch things up if he could.

At this year’s TBBT comic con panel one imaginative fan asked the cast if there was another character they’d like to switch to after all these years. While Kaley Cuoco kept things light by saying she’d love to play Cinnamon, Kunal Nayyar had a very concrete answer. He said to Kaley, “You always get the cutest outfits!” revealing he’d like to play Penny for a day.

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Kunal elaborated, “That’d be fun, I’m just saying. It’d be nice to not wear four layers under Summer.” Kaley argued that she’s usually cold on set in her cold outfits, but Kunal argued back, “It’d be nice to wear some shorts and a tank top for once.” 

Kunal is referring to Raj’s signature style of khakis and a sweater vest. Johnny Galecki added, “The wardrobe room has this incredibly depressing shelf that is just like 25 sweater vests all stacked up in a row.”

Raj And Penny Switch Bodies

We think this would make for a great episode idea- Raj and Penny could switch bodies Freaky Friday style, or even try to switch lives for a day to prove a point to Leonard and the boys. The pair are already super close- proving their hilarious relationship in the 19th episode of Season 10.

Do you think Raj and Penny should switch characters for an episode?

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