Why Kunal Nayyar Wants You To Lock Up Your Daughters…

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-29

Kunal Nayyar posted a humorous Instagram earlier this week, alluding to Raj’s bad boy antics on The Big Bang Theory. It seems Raj is back, and better than ever in TBBT’s Season 11.

Kunal Nayyar’s Warning

Lock up your daughters… Raj is baaayackkkk! #aintnopartylikeakoothraparty

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Why does Kunal Nayyar want you to lock up your daughters?

Well, he probably doesn’t really. He was simply joking about the romantic life of Raj on The Big Bang Theory. “Raj is baaaayackkkk! #ain’tnopartylikeakoothraparty,” Kunal wrote.

The actor is back on set with his many cast mates, filming TBBT Season 11. The show will premiere in September and has brought about lots of speculation. Season 10 ended with a huge cliff hanger involving Sheldon’s proposal to Amy. However, we are also wondering what Raj will be up to this season.

Last season we saw Raj bring together his ex-girlfriends for a focus group to discuss his dating life. The general consensus was that Raj is very clingy, and not independent. This conversation, among others, spurred Raj on to cut himself off from his parents’ wealth.

As Season 10 went on Raj’s story lines became less about his romantic entanglements and more about his personal finances. He was forced to at first move into Bernadette and Howard’s garage, and when that didn’t work out he became Penny and Leonard’s roommate. His fate still hangs in the balance.

Coincidentally, it seems Raj’s love life might be making a comeback as a talking point in the show. If Kunal’s post is any indication, we’ll be seeing a lot of Raj’s dating skills in action.

Back On The Big Bang Theory Set

Kunal joins his many castmates in celebrating their return to the CBS set. Kaley Cuoco posted a cheeky photo of herself with her hot pink script the day she returned to set. It’s clear this group of actors is excited to film the 11th season of The Big Bang Theory. We can’t wait to see what Kunal Nayyar will be doing as Raj this year.


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