Kunal Nayyar Reflects On Life In India

Kunal Nayyar | Photo Credit The BeaconKunal Nayyar | Photo Credit The Beacon

Raj-actor Kunal Nayyar may be the luckiest man alive. Not only is he in a series that earns a million an episode, but he’s also married to former Miss India. Before he got so lucky, however, he had to work to get to where he is today.

The actor recently returned to the University of Portland, where he graduated back in 2003. In the Chiles Center, he took questions from new students. The actor spoke about growing up in New Delhi, Portland, his wife, and Los Angeles.

“New Delhi was just chaos, family everywhere, open door policy,” said Kunal Nayyar

Attending College In Portland, OR

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBSThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Beyond his heavily cultured upbringing, Nayyar said he enjoys visiting the area now. “It’s funny because I have a lot of cousins and now it’s like I have some cousins who I’m not sure are my cousins.”

The actor gets lots of direct messages on social media from people claiming to be a nineteenth cousin. Due to his fame, they want to hang out. In many ways, though, Nayyar believes that Portland still feels like his home.

“Equal parts it feels like nothing has changed and equal parts it feels like I’ve been gone a long time,” said the actor.

Meeting His Wife & The Future

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

As for love, Kunal Nayyar met his wife through mutual friends while visiting New Delhi. The actor joked that his wife is a few inches taller than him. So he said, “Sit down, I’ll buy you a drink.”

Now, the couple lives in a beautiful home in Los Angeles, California. Kunal Nayyar is currently filming Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory. Again, he stresses he’s not sure what will happen regarding a 13th season for the sitcom.

If and when the series does end, Kunal Nayyar revealed he’s considered moving to London to be halfway between Los Angeles and his family in New Delhi. But, he hopes the boundaries of lands will one day be more open than they are today.

Nayyar said, “I like to believe we live in a world, hopefully, or we should all work together to live in a world where there are no boundaries and wherever we go we can live and do good for the community and give back and make our home anywhere.”

Can you imagine living so many places to find your career?

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