Kunal Nayyar // Raj Koothrappali :10 Facts You Didn’t Know


Which one did you found to be the most interesting one?

Kunal Nayyar is an Indian actor. He moved from India to the US in 1999. He first moved to Portland, Oregon, to study business. He started acting in plays as a way of making new friends. He took acting classes, but he went on to graduate from the University of Portland with a degree in business, as something to fall back on. He then went on to get a master’s degree in fine arts from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He did some work for the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford, UK. He then landed his breakthrough role in The Big Bang Theory (2007) in 2007, just a year after graduating.

  • Samuel B. Miller

    So basically his 1st big break was his life long signature one very unusual!

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