Kunal Nayyar And Kevin Sussman Talk About Filming Their Steamy Hot Tub Scene For Big Bang Theory

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Lots of juicy backstage gossip was thrown around at this year’s Big Bang Theory Comic Con Panel. One of the fascinating stories was Kunal Nayyar and Kevin Sussman talking about their steamy hot tub scene from Season 10. Here’s what they had to say about the hilarious situation.

Kunal Nayyar In The Hot Tub

Raj and Kevin shared a romantic hot tub dip during Big Bang Theory Season 10. Riki Lindhome, who moderated the Big Bang Theory Comic Con panel wanted to know what it was like to film such a hilarious and perhaps awkward scene.

In the scene, both Raj and Stuart have decided to make use of Bernadette and Howard’s hot tub while they’re out of town. Except Bernie and Howie didn’t actually go out of town, and now they’re watching their friends take advantage of their home.

Kunal said it actually wasn’t the most pleasant experience to film the scene. He said, “It was a little disgusting, but not because of Kevin…Kevin was the best part of the hot tub.” Kunal went on to explain that the hot tub was a bit dirty and that the actors kept bumping into one another. He said, “hot tubs should be nice and bubbly and dark, this had lights underneath so you could see every layer of fat…”

Kevin interjected, “We never discussed this! Had I known I wouldn’t have been so footsy.” In the end, however, Kunal admitted he can’t complain about getting to spend a day of work in a hot tub.

Kevin’s Anxiety

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Kevin Sussman had a totally different reason to hate the hot tub scene. Apparently, the actor has a deep anxiety about being underwater and needed coaxing to be able to dip his head under. He explained, “I don’t like putting my head underwater ever…a bunch of people had to coach me, you  know ‘it’s going to be okay, we have a lot of people around.'”

We’re glad these actors were able to overcome the uncomfortable nature of the scene because it really produced one of the funniest moments of the season.

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