Kristen Bell Reveals New Secrets About Frozen 2


Kristen Bell is one busy woman. Just after ending a five-season run on the Showtime series House of Lies, she’ll be starring in a new NBC sitcom, The Good Place, starting this week. And that’s not to mention her home life with husband Dax Shepherd and daughters Lincoln and Delta!

Princess Anna of Arendelle

Princess Anna from Frozen
Image Credit: Disney

Of course, to little girls around the world, Bell is best known as the voice of Anna, the star of 2013’s Frozen. The film was a smash hit, quickly becoming the highest-grossing animated film of all time (though Zootopia surpassed it earlier this summer). Parents everywhere know the joys and sorrows of Frozen fever. There are endless playlists of “Let it Go,” toys, coloring books, costumes, clothes, and more. Even now, three years after its release, Frozen is simply everywhere.

In March 2015, Disney officially announced that Frozen 2 was in the works. While it was a surprise to no one, it did set a new precedent. Frozen 2 will be the first major theatrical sequel to a Disney animated film in many years. Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee will return, and Lee will once again be penning the script. All of the original cast are expected to return, including Bell as Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa, and Josh Gad as the snowman, Olaf.

Frozen 2: Coming…Soon?

IGN spoke to Bell about her new NBC show and couldn’t resist asking about Frozen 2, as well. Here’s what Bell had to say when asked if she had started work on the sequel:

“We have not. We work consistently to do the openings of [theme] parks or the change of seasons at parks or the ice show or whatever. But they are not rushing the script. They have the luxury to not rush because everyone is going to be excited whether it comes out tomorrow or in five years. They’re making it as perfect as they need it to be and we’re on call to start recording whenever.”

She’s definitely right about the timing. As evidenced by Frozen‘s popularity even three years after release, the film will continue to endure. So whether Frozen 2 comes out next year or five years from now, audiences will still be clamoring to see it.

A Sister’s Love

Anna and Elsa had a fractured relationship in the first Frozen. Elsa’s years of isolation had wounded her sister and turned Elsa herself cold (pun intended). By the end of the movie, the sisters appear to have reconciled. Here’s what Bell had to say about where their family relationship will go in the sequel:

“My hesitation [answering] is the reason that I voice it and don’t write it. I don’t know. I’m sure that they will have to challenge their relationship in a new way and I’m sure that they will have to have an even bigger event to prove why kindness and familial love is paramount. How they execute that is up to the professionals!”

Frozen has already had one sequel of sorts. A short follow-up, Frozen Fever, was released in theaters in 2015 alongside Disney’s live-action Cinderella remake. The seven-minute short took place shortly after the original film and focused on Anna’s birthday celebration.