Korie Robertson was vocal about her passion for politics and voting.  What has she been up to since the 2016 election results were tallied?

No Reactions Here

photo by @bosshogswife via instagram.comphoto by @bosshogswife via instagram.com

Korie has kept quiet so far in the opinion of the 2016 election results.  Previous to Election day Korie had posted on her Instagram account about the importance of voting.  Korie stated she understood the challenge Christians felt this election.  However, she urged them to vote, “Because I think that sometimes as Christians we can be scared to jump into politics or entertainment or certain jobs or whatever because it seems like a difficult battle.”  Korie certainly wasn’t scared.  She used the hashtag #ThisChristianVotes to show her support for the polling process.  Likewise, she didn’t show any bias with her follower’s choices.

Patriotism Abounds

photo by @bosshogswife via instagram.comphoto by @bosshogswife via instagram.com

Although Korie has not posted her exact reaction to the 2016 election results, she did show patriotism this week.  The Boss Hog’s Wife posted thanking the veterans in her family and all over the world.  To celebrate Veterans day on November 11th, Korie said, “Remembering two of my favorite veterans today, my papaws, and all the men and women who have sacrificed, served our country and protected us and our freedoms.”



A Duck Girls’ Weekend

photo by @bosshogswife via instagram.comphoto by @bosshogswife via instagram.com

The Duck Commander wife also celebrated the weekend with her teenage daughter Sadie Robertson.  The two had a “girls’ weekend,” and appeared to have shopped a bit!  They took a moment to snap this cute selfie.  Both Korie and Sadie have a reputation for fashion.  Korie has partnered with Dooney and Bourke in the past on a handbag collection.  Sadie has most recently partnered with Rue21 and Wild Blue Denim on her line of clothing.  


Shopping for a Cause

This reality TV star also used the Instagram post to promote the brand FASHIONABLE.  Korie captioned the photo with a quote from the Fashionable website, “It is widely known that if we are to end extreme poverty, two things have to happen: one we must create jobs for those lacking opportunity, and two, we must do so for women.”  The company focuses on working with women and developing businesses to create jobs rather than handouts.

Celebrating Her Son

photo by @bosshogswife via instagram.comphoto by @bosshogswife via instagram.com

Korie also celebrated her son Will’s 15th birthday.  Will was adopted by Willie and Korie Robertson as a baby.  He is an adorable member of the large Robertson family.  Korie also posted on her Instagram story footage from his birthday party.  The party appeared to be at the Robertson’s home in West Monroe.  Many of the boy’s friends and family were in attendance.  Korie gushed over her son saying, “Your laugh is big and contagious, when you smile others can’t help but smile back, you’re a born leader, a lover of God and others, a great friend and listener, your heart is huge, you’re smart and multi-talented, and you are full to the brim with strength and kindness! I absolutely adore you!!”


It will be interesting to see if any of the Robertson family members come out publicly with a reaction to the 2016 Election results, but so far they seem to be carrying business as usual!

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