Korie Robertson Helps Followers Donate To Harvey Victims Through The Duck Dynasty Family Church


The Robertson family members have a strong faith and passion when it comes to serving the community. Earlier this week Korie Robertson set out to help her followers donate to Harvey victims.

Robertson Family Church

Korie Robertson expressed her concerns for the people on Texas on Monday when she Instagramed this photo of two small children being rescued. Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area earlier this week, and his consequential rainfalls are causing catastrophe in the community. 

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Instead of writing a sad and tragic post, Korie opted for a positive light. She wrote, “So many images of true heroes today! Prayers are with all of you!!” Korie also posted a link to the One Kingdom relief fund. Fans of Korie’s could click the link and donate directly to what Korie calls “relief work of our home church.” Korie also said it’s now Louisiana’s turn to help. She is referencing the many floods and hurricanes the state has seen over the years.

One Kingdom‘s website states, “We are on the front lines of every major disaster that affects any part of the globe. We work with local churches of affected areas to gather intel on what is needed and how best to provide help and assistance in the hardest of times.” They also state that those who donate are not “donors,” but “partners.” “Your donation makes you a partner in the expansion of God’s Kingdom.”

No Good Deed…

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Korie’s link is a great option for fans who would like to give monetary help to those in need. The New York Times recently came out with an article warning readers to be wary of scam artists who take advantage of times like these. The publication warns to be cautious of organizations that pop up out of thin air when disaster hits. The

The publication warns to be cautious of organizations that pop up out of thin air when disaster hits. The Federal Trade Commission warned, “even if they are legitimate, they probably don’t have the infrastructure to get the donations to the affected area or people.” Knowing that Korie Robertson knows the people who created and work for this relief fund personally, can help you feel more secure that your money will be put to good use.

Will you be donating to Harvey victims?

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