Willie and Korie Robertson have gotten involved in some great charities over the years. But still, Korie gets hate when she posts on social media about these experiences.

Korie RobertsonKorie Robertson (photo via YouTube) They adopted twice, which led them to launch Drive Adoption, an orginization that encourages families to adopt. They seek to “connect people in need of adoption resources with organizations that can help, and bring to light the beautiful children around the world in need of a loving, caring family.”

They’ve gotten involved in Help One Now, which is an organization that empowers people to care for orphans and vulnerable children.

They’ve been moved by these, and other, nonprofits and people doing great things. And they’ve gotten behind them. 

But amidst all this, not everyone has gotten behind the Robertsons.

Korie, now a board member of Help One Now, has posted updates on what she’s been doing. Over the years, she’s been the recipient of many unkind words, and she’s not responded to those words.

Until now.

Korie Robertson(source: YouTube)

She posted a long response on Facebook to all the haters.

“I’m just going to begin by saying this: Every time I post about great work being done in other countries I get hate,” she wrote. “I know we have hardship right here in America, I know people need jobs, healthcare, help. I’m not negating that, and we do help people right here in our country, but I am going to just say it right now, the kind of poverty that is happening in other parts of the world we cannot even imagine.”

She then ends her post with an encouragement to get involved — instead of spreading hate.

“We all have struggles, life can get hard, but I can tell you this world is a lot bigger than the problems you or I are facing today and WE can make a difference!!” she wrote.

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