Korie And Willie Robertson Take A Trip Down Memory Lane


What would you remember from five years of being on TV? If you became a reality TV star, what would stick with you?

Korie Robertson
source: The Gospel Herald

Duck Dynasty couple Willie and Korie Robertson pondered on these questions recently. In light of the end of the show, they took a trip down memory lane.

For Willie, the best part about this whole trip to fame has been getting to know people who are “athletes, musicians, actors or politicians.”

“You get to have a quality conversation and learn what’s cool about their life,” he told Us Magazine

Korie agrees with her hubby. 

“For me it’s the opportunity to travel and meet people,” she said. “We may be speaking at a fundraiser and learn, wow, this really awesome thing is happening in the world. We’ve visited children’s hospitals to be with dying kids who had a wish to meet us.”

Some of those celebrities are universally known. It’s been quite and experience for the CEO of Duck Commander and his wife.

And Donald Trump is not the first president they’ve met in person.

“The first time we went to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner [in 2013], the Secret Service guys were like, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Robertson, the Obamas would like to meet you,’” Korie explains. “They pulled us behind a curtain into this room. Nicole Kidman was there!”

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Now ask yourself this question: what if, after you’ve reached international fame, there was merchandise with your face on it? That would be really weird, right? Imagine going into Wal-Mart and seeing a mug with your face on it — and people would be buying them like hot cakes.

Well, if that’s not weird enough for you, imagine your face being on people’s under garments. Korie sure found it strange.

“My face is on the back of a toddler’s underwear!” she said.

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