Kevin Sussman isn’t exactly thrilled about his The Big Bang Theory set trailer. Apparently, there’s one really old fashioned item in the place he just can’t get over.

Kevin Sussman’s Big Bang Theory Set Trailer

I’m used to it.

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If you watch TBBT religiously, you know that Kevin Sussman’s character Stuart is often left behind. Stuart seems to never be in on the gang’s plans. It wasn’t until very recently that he was really accepted into the group. 

Apparently, Kevin Sussman’s life on The Big Bang Theory set is mirroring his character’s. Kevin recently posted a video from inside his trailer and pointed out it’s less than upgraded. Kevin joked that the TV/DVD/VCR combo doesn’t realize it’s 2017. The actor laughed, “Well, it’s season 11 now and the TV/VCR/DVD combo in my dressing room apparently still thinks it’s the early ’90s,” Sussman says in his video, before turning to the retro TV and addressing it directly. “I mean… hello…anybody in there? It’s 2017 calling, anybody home.”

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He’s right though- we haven’t seen one of those in a VERY long time. It’s surprising Kevin doesn’t have a updated trailer on The Big Bang Theory set. He’s become a crucial part of the story line, now that he’s playing Halley Wolowitz’s nanny. He’s also living with Bernadette and Howard, so we’re sure to see him all the time.

Kevin Sussman’s Salary

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It’s unclear whether or not Kevin Sussman was involved in the pay raise negotiations that Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch reportedly made. Reports say he has a network of over 3 million dollars. Also, in Season 6 Sussman became a series regular on the show, meaning he had much more negotiation power. If anything, he should have an updated trailer. Regardless, Kevin seems to be like a pretty chill dude, who doesn’t need much. We do appreciate his humor though.

We do love seeing pictures from The Big Bang Theory set. 

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