Phil And Kay Were Staying At A Hotel, But Nobody Thought They’d Do This While They Stayed…


Kay and Phil Robertson recently shared their faith with an unlikely woman. The couple were traveling and decided to spread a bit of kindness to their hotel’s staff. Little did they know, they’d be able to witness to one of the cleaning ladies.

Kay And Phil Robertson Share The Good News

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Kay and Phil Robertson certainly never miss an opportunity to share the good news. The couple was recently spotted sharing their faith with an unlikely listener.

Miss Kay and Phil have been traveling quite a bit recently. They are promoting Phil’s new show, Phil In the Woods. Phil appeared on Fox Business , among other publications. While in the big apple, Phil admitted it’s not his favorite place. Phil said, “After visiting here it reminded me [of] the words of Thomas Jefferson. ‘I predict future happiness for Americans, as long as they can find open lands to go to.’ …In other words, stay in the woods.”

However, despite not loving his surroundings, Phil did take the time to spread love there. Phil uploaded a video to his Facebook page. In the video, Missy Kay stated, “I went to find the lady that cleaned my room … and I found her, and she thought she was in trouble. But I said, ‘No, I just want to give you something’ and I gave her something and then I gave her a big hug, and I kissed her on the cheek.”

Sharing Their Faith

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Apparently, the woman who received the hug had never witnessed such great kindness from a customer. Of course, after the Robertsons heard that they seized the opportunity to share the even better news. Phil said, “I got a piece of paper, and I drew an arrow coming down out of heaven … I said, ‘Two thousand seventeen years ago, year one, God came down in flesh.’ She said, ‘Really?’…I said, ‘Yup … he died on the cross for all of our sins, yours and mine. And they put him in a tomb, three days later he resurrected from the dead, he came back to life.”

We would expect nothing less of Kay and Phil Robertson. They are always ready to share God’s word.