Not many people know this one thing about Kaley Cuoco: She’d really like to move on from television. Kaley has been starring in The Big Bang Theory for ten years now, but she’s been pretty outspoken about her aspirations to move onto film and other projects.

Look! Kaley flashed a smile and pointed down to her permanent spot on the Hollywood Walk of Famephoto by When Kaley Cuoco received her Hollywood walk of fame star in 2014 it seemed like she was already looking forward to leaving Big Bang Theory behind. Kaley said, “After the show, I don’t know if I’d want to do TV anymore. It’s extremely close to my heart, but I would love to move into movies.”

It seems even Kaley didn’t see The Big Bang Theory‘s Season 11 and 12 renewal happening. In 2014 Kaley was signed on to the show through Season 10, but judging my her speech we think she probably thought the show would be over by now.

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However, Chuck Lorre was not about to let her go. The show’s creator thinks very highly of Kaley, saying, “Her intuitive nature as to how to play a scene, plus all the experience she garnered on 8 Simple Rules, has made her very rich. She can do just about anything you ask of her as a writer, which is quite a gift.”

Kaley Has No Intention Of Being Behind The Camera

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Many of Kaley’s costars, including Melissa Rauch, Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg, and Johnny Galecki, are all moving on to roles behind the camera. Jim Parsons is helping to produce Young Sheldon, and Johnny Galecki’s new pilot Living Biblically is set to premiere on CBS. Melissa Rauch also co-wrote and starred in her own film, The Bronze

However, Kaley has no drive to ever move into that realm of the entertainment industry. She said, “I think my place is in front of the camera not behind, and I don’t know if that will ever change.”

Of course, we could totally see her opening a horse farm as her next career move.

What do you think Kaley Cuoco will do after Big Bang Theory?

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