Kaley Cuoco makes over a million dollars an episode on The Big Bang Theory. When you make that kind of money the options are endless when it comes to throwing a ginormous thank you party for your team. Kaley did just that last weekend, and we totally wish we were there.

Kaley Cuoco’s Italian-Themed Party

Displaying IMG_0867.PNGphoto by @normancook via instagram.com

Kaley first posted about her Italian-themed party on her Instagram story last weekend. It appears that each year she throws a party to say thank you to “Team Cuoco.” This group may include people like her assistants, her publicist, glam squad, stylist, house keeper, etc. There are a lot of people that go into making a star like Kaley stay successful.

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpgphoto by @normancook via instagram.comDisplaying IMG_0873.PNGphoto by @normancook via instagram.com

It looked like Kaley pulled out all the stops for the party, hiring a creative team that quite literally turns her back yard into Little Italy. White and black striped umbrellas lined her gorgeous turquoise pool, and giant screens projected the sights of Italy all around the premises. 

A red carpet completed the event. Karl’s dog Tank, and Brad Goreski’s dog Ruby ran down the carpet in this adorable photo. Kaley wore a dress featuring a print of pasta, adding to the Italian theme. She seemed to glow with sunshine. Karl wore an impressive and matching vest suit in an off grey color.

Kaley Loves Karl

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpgphoto by @normancook via instagram.com

Clearly the couple had a great time at Cuoco’s party. They posted several photos from the event. Cuoco captioned the photos with Champagne glass emojis, making it clear that all involved were enjoying themselves. 

Kaley had a glowing review of her man. She and Karl seem to be getting closer each week. The Big Bang Theory  star wrote, “I am realizing the other night meant the world to me for so many reasons, but some of those reasons go deeper than anyone could ever know. I never thought I could find someone that looks at me, the exact way I look at them. With 100% truth. @mrtankcook you are my Prince Charming.”

We wish we were invited to Kaley Cuoco’s Italian-Themed party, Don’t you?

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