Kaley Cuoco Stopped At Airport

Photo by @normancook via instagram.com

Kaley Cuoco got stopped in line at the airport Sunday, causing her boyfriend Karl Cook to be given a full pat-down. However, the star admitted the situation was totally her fault. Here’s why.

There have been many airline incidents in the news lately. Passengers have been pulled from planes, weather has shut down airports, it seems the madness will never end. You can add Kaley Cuoco to the long list of recent airport incidents.

The star went to the airport early Sunday morning with boyfriend Karl Cook. After being in New York City Kaley and Karl were flying to Kentucky for a horse show and vacation. However, things didn’t go according to plan while waiting inline for security.

photo by @normancook via instagram.com

Kaley filmed herself and Karl Cook sitting in the airport lounge, and explained to her Instagram followers that she and Karl had been waiting in security. She asked Karl what happened on camera, and he replied, “Well…I got a full rub down.” Kaley couldn’t help but laugh asking, “How do you feel about yourself?” to which Karl replied, “pretty satisfied.”

Photo by @normancook via instagram.com

The pair explained that they were stopped in line after TSA found not one, but two wine cork openers in Kaley’s bag. Kaley recalled the incident saying, “It’s like six thirty in the morning…so apparently I’ve never flown before because I forgot to take out a wine opener, out of my backpack…” Karl corrected her yelling, “Two! Meanwhile they’re judging us, like where are you going?”

Kaley Is At Fault

Photo by @normancook via instagram.com

Kaley Cuoco admitted that in the end it was her fault. She said, “Rightly so, they did take out my wine opener and gave me a hand slap, it was quite embarrassing. I don’t remember when I put a wine opener in my bag.” This is a very Penny thing to do, we have to point out.

She finished telling followers, “This is a lesson to all- check your bag before you fly in case you have anything inappropriate, because they’re going to catch you. They caught me today.”

We’re glad Kaley and Karl were able to get on their flight safely!

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