Kaley Cuoco Gets Caught In The Rain

Photo by @normancook via instagram.com

Kaley Cuoco and boyfriend Karl Cook got caught in the rain on Friday. NYC experienced flash flooding, and the city’s transportation was in chaos after a major rainstorm.

Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons have both been doing quite a bit of press lately. Kaley appeared on ABC’s The Chew to promote Big Bang Theory, and she also appeared on Jimmy Fallon earier in the week. It seemed the star was hanging around NYC for more press on Friday, when a flash flood hit the city.

The entrance of Penn Station was closed after waves of rain water began to pour in. It was also reported that ten blocks of the highway were shut down after 1-3 inches of rain fell in only a few hours’ time. Other residents reported large waves flowing through Hoboken as rain fell from morning to afternoon.

photo by @normancook via instagram.com

It appeared Kaley and boyfriend Karl Cook’s shopping plans were thwarted. Kaley took to her instagram story to say, “Got caught in a little rain storm” sarcastically as Karl looked out the window in disbelief. The pair seemed to be stuck in a cafe, holding umbrellas by the door.

Kaley had been planning a shopping spree in the city. She said, “I insisted on going shopping today.” and then asked Karl, “It was a good idea huh?”

Make The Best of It

Photo by @normancook via instagram.com

The pair seemed to make the best of it. Kaley snapped a photo that said, “Out of the rain, straight to the vino,” with a full glass and appetizers behind her. Karl and Kaley have been quite serious lately, traveling together to horse competitions and many destinations on the weekends.

Photo by @normancook via instagram.com

They finally watched the rain subside and were about to go about their plans. Kaley said, “rain stopped, out and about again.” In NYC public transit was still suffering, as trains began to slowly resume with delays. The NW train in particular had suffered after fires and flooding. LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark all suffered delays as well.


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