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Catch me on @abcthechew for a special cinco de Mayo episode!! They handed me a cocktail right when I entered the stage! Greatest hosts ever!

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The Chew is a cooking show with a talk show feel much like The View. It airs on ABC during the day and has lots of celebrity guests come cook for special occasions. Kaley Cuoco was that celebrity guest for the special Cinco De Mayo episode on May 5th.

A mariachi band greeted The Big Bang Theory star. She came in dancing with colorful maracas and looking beautiful in a floor length long-sleeved floral dress, with flat athletic shoes and beachy waves in her hair. Kaley was excited to be there saying, “I love Mexican food, I love cocktails!”

On Kaley’s last The Chew appearance she famously pulled nutmeg out of her bra, so in the spirit of tradition she brought a lime out of her shirt sleeve to help Clinton make the cocktails. 

There’s nothing like an evening in Italy ?? in the backyard ? @mrtankcook mi amore!

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Kaley told Clinton all about her recent Italian-themed party. Kaley threw an Italian event in her backyard as a thank you for her staff. She even wore a pasta-printed dress for the occasion and had a gondola in the pool. A man stood in the gondola singing in Italian as guests entered. Kaley had her entire backyard transformed with tents, large projections of Italy, and twinkly lights. She admitted she very much enjoys a themed party.

Karl Cook, the Boyfriend

True love ?? @mrtankcook

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Kaley also dished on boyfriend Karl Cook. She admitted that they have a lot in common, and that’s what makes the relationship work. Kaley said, “We met at a horse show, over a year ago. I think in the past I felt like opposites was just the way to go. i agree with that to an extent, but this somehow we love the same things…and it makes us stronger. We do so many things together…”

Did you watch Kaley Cuoco on The Chew?

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