Kaley Cuoco Admits She’s Not REALLY Acting On The Big Bang Theory

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-31

At this year’s The Big Bang Theory comic con Kaley Cuoco admitted she doesn’t exactly have a hard time acting on set…her laughter is pretty genuine. Here’s what the star had to say about playing Penny, and laughing at her cast mates.

Kaley Cuoco’s Reactions

Kaley Cuoco is the master of reactions on the TBBT. Her character, Penny, is surrounded by a host of rather odd individuals, so it makes sense that Penny is often laughing or rolling her eyes. Kaley admitted this past weekend that most of those reactions are totally genuine.

A fan in the audience at The Big Bang Theory comic con panel asked Kaley if her laughter and shock on set is a part of her acting, or if she is genuinely surprised all the time. Kaley admitted, most of the time her reactions are genuine. She said, “Every reaction on this show is genuine. Trust me…” Kaley also joked, “I don’t even read the script before we shoot.”

Obviously, she was joking, but we do find it rather interesting that Kaley admitted to laughing at her coworkers on camera. While many comedies don’t allow for their actors to react to their own jokes, it seems The Big Bang Theory welcomes it. Take, for example, the classic SNL skits when the actors break character, unable to keep a poker face. While we find these skits hilarious, they aren’t necessarily what the producers and writers were going for.

Kaley Thinks It’s “Not Natural”

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Kaley explained, “In this entire show, I don’t think it’s realistic when something funny is going on and you’re not laughing. That’s what I love about this cast, we laugh when they’re saying things…it’s completely natural, it’s not a written in thing.” That makes sense to us- if Sheldon were really our neighbor we’d probably laugh at him a lot too. Kaley finished saying, “You’ll see me laughing a lot…I’m constantly entertained.”

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