John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson Have Something To Say To Their Haters


John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson got married at the age of 19 years young. Many skeptics said they are too young to make such a life-changing commitment. Here’s what the young adults had to say to their doubters.

Their Romance

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John Luke and Mary Kate met at church camp one summer. It’s called King’s Camp and is located in Mer Rouge Louisiana. At the camp, the two were just friends and enjoyed their time together. In a serendipitous event, Mary Kate transferred to John Luke’s school that Fall. They shared a chemistry class and quickly fell in love.

Their Courting Was A Bit Different

John Luke and Mary Kate never had a casual relationship. While many teens date lots of people and spend time with all different relationships, Mary Kate had decided early in her adolescence that she wouldn’t date anyone unless she knew she wanted to marry them. This thought process is pretty backward from the norm. Most people date slowly and figure out if they’d like to marry the person. Mary Kate, however, believed God would provide. 

Youth Group Lesson

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Mary Kate told the 700 club that she came up with her idea of dating from a youth group lesson her father taught. The lesson was called “God gives his best to those who leave the choice with him.” Mary Kate admits she wanted to apply this concept to her love life. 

Mary Kate Texted John Luke

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John Luke explained that he had liked Mary Kate, but wasn’t sure if she felt the same. Then one day Mary Kate texted John Luke that she did in fact like him. The two had a meeting, and Mary Kate explained that she only wanted to date if she could see herself marrying the man…and she did want to date John Luke. “I thought, Wow, alright, we’re getting married then,” recalled John Luke.

They’re Too Young

Many fans have speculated that John Luke and Mary Kate are too young to be married. John Luke explains that young marriages are the norm in his family. Korie and Willie Robertson married at 18 and 19 years old, and Miss Kay and Phil Robertson married at only 16. John Luke proposed to Mary Kate only 9 months into their relationship, and they were married exactly 9 months later.

Age Is Just A Number

To those who doubt their marriage, John Luke had this to say; “We’ve seen everything, and whatever it is that’s keeping the marriage together, it’s not when the marriage happens. It’s based on something else…and we believe it’s based on God.”