Jim Parsons Talks About His Latest Unlikely Project…”First In Human”


Jim Parson plays a scientist on TV, but now he’s taking a step further in his scientific inquiry. The star recently completed narrating First In Human, a documentary about medical research at the National Institute of Health Clinical Center.

Jim Parsons Narrates First In Human

Jim Parsons most recent project is less humorous than his typical work. First In Human is a six-hour documentary. The film shows the lives of clinical trial patients and doctors working at the National Institute of Health Clinical Center. 

The Clinical Center is a place patients go when they are looking for a last resort treatment. Doctors The film’s website states, “Wading into uncharted medical territory in the hopes of discovering scientific breakthroughs, these early, highly experimental – and at times risky tests – are all to develop new, breakthrough treatments for patients suffering from currently untreatable diseases and conditions.”

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Jim seemed to be very touched by the work. He told Jimmy Kimmel, “It’s the greatest combination, of course, it’s the greatest hope in the world. They’re all hoping for a personal cure.”

He also shed light on what watching the documentary is like. “We trace through 4 specific cases we follow through this documentary….they all have different outcomes…obviously, but there’s the bedrock of this knowledge they all have that whatever happens to them they know that they’re making a contribution to adding a rung in the ladder, to coming closer to find a cure.”

“It’s The Most Beautiful Thing…”

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The one thing about the documentary that blew Jim’s mind? The program is paid for by the tax payer’s dollars, and the program has to ask for money often. Jim said, “You hear about the waste of tax payer dollars all the time…when I first heard about it [I] thought why do we not know that this is something that President Truman got going in the 1950’s…”

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